These are Roger's thoughts on management, personal productivity, and occasionally random topics. Check out the blog Neuromarketing for his brain-based marketing posts.

Google’s Matt Cutts Launches Blog

Senior Google engineer Matt Cutts was the early “webmaster evangelist” at Google, and has probably done more than anyone to …

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Splunk Searches Log Files

One thing webmasters and server admins have is lots of data. Log files and cryptic messages abound, but the vast …

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Search Wars: Yahoo’s Big New Index

Since the early days of the Web, search engine companies have claimed bragging rights based on the number of web …

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Longer Adwords Text

One of the challenges of effectively using Google’s Adwords pay per click program has been the need to condense the …

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A Beautiful Community?

It’s not uncommon for online communities to target particular types of individuals, but takes the process a step farther. …

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Left Brain Marketing

In Search Engine Guide: Seeking Marketing Talent With Left-Brain Minds, DM News makes the point that marketers who have relied …

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