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O’Reilly Spam Flap

In O’Reilly joins the search engine spam parade, blogger Phil Ringnalda takes print and web publisher O’Reilly to task over …

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Tagging Podcast Files

If you are one of the early adopters who has already subscribed to many podcasts, you’ll appreciate David Berlind’s comments …

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Google Print: The Future

The news about the book author lawsuit against Google got me thinking… assuming Google prevails in some way, what will …

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Authors Aim at Google, Shoot Selves in Foot

Has the Authors Guild gone down the same blind alley as other intellectual property organizations by fighting technology that would …

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Google Notifying Some Banned Sites

A thread at the Search Engine Watch forum, Google Testing Ban Notification, highlights a new practice at the biggest search …

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RSS and Community Building

When we talk about community building tools, we are usually referring to forum, blog, wiki, or other social networking software. …

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