Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley is the author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing as well as the popular blog Neuromarketing. He speaks to large and small groups about brain-based marketing strategies that get real-world results.

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Roger Dooley's Books

Need to get more from every marketing dollar? Stop selling features and benefits, and start selling to your customer's brains!

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Roger Dooley keynote

Speaking Engagements

From conference keynotes to private executive briefings, Roger Dooley presents real solutions to marketing problems in a lively, fun, and totally understandable way. No neuro-jargon, no smoke and mirrors, just strategies that work.

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Blog: Neuromarketing
Roger’s Books

Latest Brainfluence Podcast Episodes:

Communities and Online Anonymity

Anonymity is a blessing and a curse to online communities. Anonymous posting allows individuals to discuss sensitive topics, from personal …

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Blogs, Letter Writing, and Community

Middlebury College lecturer Barbara Ganley isn’t happy about the decline in literate letter-writing, which she posits is largely technology-related in …

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Forum – Blog Combinations

Blogger Lee Lefever, in Blogs and Message Boards, Together at Last on Share, describes a community that has successfully combined …

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Gatheroo Targets Online Communities

Chris Dykstra of Gatheroo discusses community architecture issues in Group Profiles in my dreams. Gatheroo is a software development effort …

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The Well For Sale

The site WIRED magazine once dubbed “the world’s most influential online community” is up for sale. In The Well put …

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Buzz Marketing – Eulogies Aren’t Just For Praise

We’re big fans of buzz marketing, both in web communities and via other means, but the Vertical Pulse blog suggests …

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