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The New Brain Drain: Search Engines

A few years ago, professors complained that investment banking was sucking up the best and brightest students, luring them away …

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Gigantic Web Pages

Webmasterworld regular martinibuster started an interesting topic,Can You SuperSize that Web Page Please?. Usability experts usually recommend bite-size web pages …

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Google Ranking Risk from Site-Wide Links

In an interesting discussion at the SearchEngineWatch forums, Your Competition CAN Hurt Your Rankings In Google, member shazbot describes how …

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Health Related Web Communities Breed “Cyberchondriacs”

An editorial at – The Doctor’s Office – notes that just about every medical condition has its own web …

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The Dark Side of Social Networking

A BBC article says that ten people were arrested in Brazil after they were found to be using Orkut, Google’s …

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Quickbooks Community Grows Beyond Software

Today, just about every software manufacturer has a discussion forum attached to their website. These forums create an easily searchable …

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