Monthly Archive for: ‘September, 2015’

Brady Wilson Feat

Ep #77: The Brainy Way to Increase Engagement with Brady Wilson

My guest this week has been called “the embodiment of focused energy.” Brady Wilson is a speaker, trainer, author and …

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Joseph Ledoux Feat

Ep #76: What Your Amygdala Really Does, with Joseph LeDoux

My guest this week on The Brainfluence Podcast is likely known to both our listeners and Neuromarketing readers. Few, however, …

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Todd Henry Feat

Ep #75: Change The World With Your Authentic Voice featuring Todd Henry

This week on The Brainfluence Podcast, I am excited to welcome one of the leading experts on creativity, leadership, and …

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Tightwad Feat

Ep #74: How to Sell to Tightwads, Spendthrifts, and Everyone Else

Do you know that 25% of your customers are cheapskates who don’t want to spend their money? And 15%, on …

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