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Evil Nodder

Ep #10: Psychology of Usability Design with Chris Nodder

In today’s world of high technology and low attention spans, user-centric design is a must for any successful business. On …

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Persuasion Slide Podcast

Ep #9: Gliding Down The Persuasion Slide

This week, we’re switching gears at The Brainfluence Podcast… no guest, just me (Roger)… What we’re going to do is …

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Duct Tape Selling

Ep #8: Marketing Makes Better Salespeople with John Jantsch

Our special guest this week is John Jantsch. John is a popular speaker, marketing consultant, and best-selling author of Duct …

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Chrisbrogan Feat

Ep #7: Chris Brogan on Freaks, Owners, and Entrepreneurs

Challenging conventional notions of how to be a  prosperous entrepreneur can leave one with some pretty uncomfortable labels, such as …

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Lewis Brain Sell

Ep #6: Shopper Science, Big Data, and Neuromarketing with Dr. David Lewis

  The “father of neuromarketing,” Dr. David Lewis, joins me on this episode to discuss the incredible evolution of consumer …

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Gini Dietrich

Building Your Online Reputation with Gini Dietrich

  Expect the unexpected when you meet a PR expert who hates being called a “spin doctor” and feels the …

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