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SEO and Web Credibility Guideline #11

Although the Stanford Web Credibility Guidelines are a few years old now, they are still a great starting point for …

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Crowdsourcing and User Generated Firings

Crowdsourcing has occasionally been an alternative to doing things the old-fashioned way by, say, paying an expert. While many indirect …

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Partnership Pitfalls and Avoiding Murder

While flipping channels, I ran across an episode of City Confidential, a show that takes viewers on a trip to …

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Steampunk Chic

Tired of high tech designs that look hopelessly dated in just a few years? Longing for a more Victorian sensibility? …

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Verizon XV6800 – They Couldn’t Hear Me, or Anyone Else

Verizon finally managed to push me into the arms of the competition. I was a fairly happy voice subscriber. I …

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Google 411: Impressive Debut

Today, I was driving in San Francisco with a couple of other SEO-types and we spotted a prominent billboard for …

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