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Steampunk Chic

Tired of high tech designs that look hopelessly dated in just a few years? Longing for a more Victorian sensibility? …

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Verizon XV6800 – They Couldn’t Hear Me, or Anyone Else

Verizon finally managed to push me into the arms of the competition. I was a fairly happy voice subscriber. I …

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Google 411: Impressive Debut

Today, I was driving in San Francisco with a couple of other SEO-types and we spotted a prominent billboard for …

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AT&T Tilt: Why AT&T Isn’t Apple

Apple’s not perfect – I just chronicled a couple of their miscues in Apple iPhone: Turning Off Fans. Despite that, …

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Social Roles in Web Communities

Every community operator knows that it takes different kinds of participants to be successful. Some people come looking for answers, …

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Apple iPhone – Turning Off Fans

No company in modern corporate history has developed a more cultlike, devoted customer base than Apple. I’ve often cited them …

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