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Dan Pink Feat

Ep #36: Psychology Goes Prime Time with Dan Pink

My guest this week on The Brainfluence Podcast is author, speaker, and now, TV personality, Dan Pink. With 5 best-sellers …

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Robin Dreeke Feat1

Ep #35: Influence Tips from the FBI’s Former Top Behaviorist, Robin Dreeke

Although Robin Dreeke has always aspired to be a great leader, it wasn’t until later, during his time at the …

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Eisenberg Feat

Ep #34: Buyer Legends with Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg

This week’s show comes to you from Austin, Texas, where I chat with fellow Austinites, Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. They …

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Paul Zak Feat

Ep #33: The Chemistry of Influence with Paul Zak

This week’s guest on The Brainfluence Podcast, is scientist, author, entrepreneur and speaker Paul J. Zak. Paul is the founding …

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Expectations Feat

Ep #32: A Surprising Way to Improve Real Customer Experience

This week, we’re going to talk about how the way you describe your product or service can actually change what …

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Magic Feat

Ep #31: Selling Secrets of Magicians

After last week’s epic interview with Dr. Robert Cialdini, I decided to do a short solo recording focused on the …

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