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Peep Laja

Ep #40: Smarter Conversions with Peep Laja

On this episode of The Brainfluence Podcast, I am joined by Peep Laja. Peep is an entrepreneur and conversion optimization …

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Andrew Hill Feat

Ep #39: Make Your Brain More Productive with Andrew Hill

Joining The Brainfluence Podcast this week is Dr. Andrew Hill. Dr. Hill is a cognitive neuroscientist who has, among other …

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Bart Schutz Feat

Ep #38: Conversion Psychology with Bart Schutz

This week on the The Brainfluence Podcast, our special guest is Bart Schutz. Bart is an online strategist and conversion …

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Alex Harris Feat

Ep #37: Marketing Optimization and Brainfluence with Alex Harris

This week is a departure from the usual format. It’s an interview, but I’m the one being interviewed. In this …

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Dan Pink Feat

Ep #36: Psychology Goes Prime Time with Dan Pink

My guest this week on The Brainfluence Podcast is author, speaker, and now, TV personality, Dan Pink. With 5 best-sellers …

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Robin Dreeke Feat1

Ep #35: Influence Tips from the FBI’s Former Top Behaviorist, Robin Dreeke

Although Robin Dreeke has always aspired to be a great leader, it wasn’t until later, during his time at the …

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