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Carla Clark Feat

Ep #96: Your Brain on Animation with Carla Clark, Ph.D.

Want to hijack your customer’s brain? A talking head video won’t do that. But, some kinds of animation are able …

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Morag Barrett Feat

Ep #95: Cultivate Success with Morag Barrett

This week on The Brainfluence Podcast, we chat with Morag Barrett.¬†Morag first started out in retail banking with Royal Bank …

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Martin Stellar Feat

Ep #94: The Art of Marketing Art with Martin Stellar

This week, I am excited to bring you a guest from a totally new genre for me, Martin Stellar. Martin, …

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Best Of 15 Feat2

Ep #93: Best Neuromarketing Ideas, Part 2

In this episode, we wrap up what we started last week, presenting the best takeaways and ideas from the Neuromarketing …

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Best Of 15 Feat1

Ep #92: Best Neuromarketing Ideas, Part 1

For the first episode of 2016, I thought it would be good inspiration to review the most important concepts from …

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Constant Berkhout Feat

Ep #91: Retail Marketing Strategy with Constant Berkhout

This week, I am excited to bring you Constant Berkhout. Constant is an expert in retail marketing and shopper experience. …

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