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Brown Streeter Feat

Ep #105: Tools for Today’s Sales Superstars with Tim Brown and Dan Streeter

Do you try to keep up with all of the new and upcoming apps and technologies that come out every …

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Chris Penn Feat

Ep #104: Leading Innovation with Chris Penn

Can anyone still create a new concept in marketing? Or has every possible method been used ad nauseam by millions …

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Bob Burg Feat

Ep #103: The One Influence Principle You Need to Succeed with Bob Burg

By now, most Brainfluence Podcast listeners are well aware of Cialdini’s  six principles of influence – social proof, authority, and …

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James Garvey Feat

Ep #102: The Hidden Persuasion Industry with James Garvey

Is there a hidden persuasion industry? Do you think people (or even yourself) can be persuaded or nudged into a …

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Jay Baer Feat

Ep #101: Hug Your Haters with Jay Baer

Most marketers know that the majority of their focus should be working on retaining customers rather than hunting for new …

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Matthew Willcox Feat

Ep #100: The Business of Choice with Matthew Willcox

Do you wonder why people often make irrational decisions? Or why some marketers know just the thing to say to …

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