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Spencer L Feat

Ep #83: Today’s Hottest Lead Gen and Subscription Techniques

This week on The Brainfluence Podcast, we are joined by Spencer Lanoue.  After reading a great article Spencer wrote about …

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Poornima Feat

Ep #82: How to Create and Launch a Software Product

Got an idea for a killer app? A better software mousetrap? But, are you stuck on turning that great idea …

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Susan W Feat

Ep #81: The Brain Lady, a.k.a. Susan Weinschenk

My guest this week is Susan Weinschenk. Susan has a Ph.D. in Psychology and over 30 years of experience as …

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Anchoring Feat

Ep #80: How to Use Anchoring and Framing Biases to Sell More

This episode of The Brainfluence podcast will be a solo one, with yours truly. Last month I’ve been on the …

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George Danner Feat

Ep #79: Solving Business Problems with Science

My guest this week, you might say, is a business scientist. George Danner is a Texas Aggie engineer and has …

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Darren Bridger Feat

Ep #78: Decoding the Consumer Brain with Darren Bridger

This week on The Brainfluence Podcast, I am honored to welcome one of the most experienced practitioners in the neuromarketing …

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