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Jeff Goins Feat

Ep #61: Jeff Goins Helps You Find Your True Calling

Joining The Brainfluence Podcast this week is Jeff Goins. Jeff is a full-time blogger, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. After seven …

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Dan Ariely Feat

Ep #60: Real-World Behavior Science with Dan Ariely

Our special guest this week is Dan Ariely. Dan is a scientist and author who is well known to our …

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Neuromarketing Jobs Feat

Ep #59: Careers in Neuromarketing: Jobs and Schools

I’m solo-podcasting this week in order to answer one of the most commonly asked questions I receive: “How do I …

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Martha Pease Feat

Ep #58: How to Create 100% Customer Focus with Martha Pease

Joining The Brainfluence Podcast this week is Martha Pease, the CEO of DemandWerks. Martha is a thought leader, executive, entrepreneur, …

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Jonathan Gabay Feat

Ep #57: Brand Psychology with Jonathan Gabay

Our special guest this week is author and ad industry veteran Jonathan Gabay. Over the course of his career, Jonathan …

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Justin Rondeau Feat

Ep #56: Conversion Optimization Secrets from Testing Expert Justin Rondeau

I am pleased to introduce Justin Rondeau, Conversion Optimization Manager of Digital Marketer, to the show today. Justin specializes in …

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